A Showing of Neither Wolf nor Dog and some thoughts about arranging public appearances

I will be at the Curry County Library in Gold Beach, Oregon, on Thursday, January 31, to introduce and do a question and answer session on the film version of Neither Wolf nor Dog. I have done events like this a number of times now, and it is always a wonderful experience, both for me and the audience. I can offer behind the scenes stories about the making of the film, reflections on how the screen version differs from the book, and insights about the different ways books and films can tell a story.

If some theater or group in your community is planning to show Neither Wolf nor Dog and would like me to be present at the showing to introduce the film, do a q and a, or even give a presentation independent of the showing, please get in touch with me through this website or directly at knerburn@kentnerburn.com. I can bring books to sell and even make several available for raffle. If you so choose, we can even make a full day event of it. The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.

There will be announcements of more speaking engagements soon, so stay tuned. And should you want me to come to your community to speak about any of my books or any of a number of topics, get in touch. I have worked out creative situations with all sorts of groups all across the country, and I always do it personally. So you and I will be working together to make it happen.

I look forward to hearing from you. I have always felt a special relationship with you, my readers, and hope to get to meet more of you face to face in the coming year.


29 thoughts on “A Showing of Neither Wolf nor Dog and some thoughts about arranging public appearances”

  1. Krystyn Knights

    I would love to see and talk to you about the entire book writing series, but I live in a town of only 1100 people. The North Branch Library might be interested, but I don’t know that for a fact. You live in Oregon, I live in Minnesota. I have read the books 4 times already, they were fascinating!

  2. Danielle Anderson

    Could you come to Casper WY? One of my classes at Casper college we read and the book and watched the movie and loved it!! I know my professor and classmates and residents in Casper would love to meet you and ask questions 🙂

  3. Your presence would be an exciting addition to an already powerful film, Kent. I’m in Northern New Mexico. Are you considering travelling so far for these screenings? I know you would be welcome in Santa Fe and Taos.

  4. If your professor and/or the college wanted to bring me in, I’d love to do it. Suggest it and see if they have any speaking funds.

  5. I’ve forwarded the link to this post to the Cannon Beach Library as a pitch to their writer series of speakers. I think it’s a great match. Another coastal place that would work: The Hoffman Center for the Arts, in Manzanita.

    I will pay attention. I’d love to see the film. I don’t know who’s handling distribution, but the Liberty Theater in Astoria would be a fantastic venue.

  6. Would you have any interest in adding Eugene to your Oregon itinerary, if I can find a venue? My husbatand I would be glad to host your stay.

  7. would love it if you could come to UK and sort us out, loved the books , all 3, ,read them again and again when we are touring in Europe, jedi attempted muzo

  8. On January 31, 2018 in Gold Beach, Oregon will you be showing the film as well?

    Screenings: I don’t see any listed for 2019. It would be great if you hosted a screening in Portland or Bend, Oregon?

  9. What kind of distribution does this film have? I live just outside Springfield, MO. and there is a small theatre in Springfield that might be interested in your film. I am a huge fan of your books and I would love to see the film.

  10. Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce: The Untold Story of an American Tragedy, though of course heartbreaking, is an amazing book. I learned much from it. Thank you! If you end up speaking anywhere near Sacramento or Placerville, CA I will try very hard to make it to hear you speak.

  11. I’ve just finished reading all three books for the second time. Such painful, but necessary lessons about our history. And perhaps lessons for the kind of people we want to be in the future. I didn’t know there was a movie! Any way to view it online or buy a DVD? I currently live in France, but would love to hear you speak when I come back to the States. Thank you for sharing ‘Dan’s’ story and his powerful message.

  12. Kent will you have any film showings in Arizona? I’m in Flagstaff and would like very much to host you here. We could sponsor you if we could perhaps share some costs with others, perhaps with the people in New Mexico. Email me if you’re interested and we can talk more. Thanks.

  13. Danielle Pavelko

    Would love to see this film!!! Mankato Minnesota would be a great place in my area to show this. There is a large Native community there. Please consider! Or Spirit Lake Iowa would be very interested as well.

  14. My Center for Spiritual Living would love to have you come for a movie event but we are experiencing financial issues right now. However, it would still like to show the movie. Where can we live stream it? Also, I was introduced to your writing through the Science of Mind Magazine and I have learned so much from you. Thanks.

  15. Nothing planned for that area in the near future. If you have any organizations that might sponsor a visit, you should approach them with the idea. Very often, good things happen in this way. Given my schedule and various obligations, I don’t usually generate engagements, but respond to requests.

  16. Yes, the film will be shown. As to Portland or Bend, see my post of 6 January. I’m open to the ideas, I just am not in a position to generate the event.

  17. Would love to come back to the U.K. But the event would have to be organized and arranged by someone over there, since I have no current plans to across the pond in the near future.

  18. A fine idea, and I would love to come to Eugene. But see my post of 6 January for some clarification. A simple bookstore event would not be terribly difficult. A showing of the film is something else.

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