A short explanation

I just received an email from a reader gently berating me for not writing more in my weblog. She also wondered why I was not receiving responses to my request for thoughts on Small Graces. A few words of explanation are in order.

I have indeed been remiss in keeping up the weblog, and I hope you all understand that summer, work, etc., have taken precedence. I will try to write more as the autumn progresses.

As to the Small Graces comments — they have been coming in; you simply have not been able to see them. This is unfortunate, but, alas, necessary. People have been writing their comments in the “Kent Nerburn contact me” section, and they have been coming directly to me. Originally, comments could get to me through the “new comment” postings, but the world of blogging has a dark underside that I do not fully understand, and that underside has forced me to put in blocks on the “comments” section.

Each day I receive hundreds of rolling “tags” on the comment section, promoting viagra, mortgage refinancing, various types of porn, on-line gambling, and any number of other undesirable websites. These “tags” constantly change their URLs so they can’t be blocked individually. All I can do is put a block on “comments” so that the rest of you don’t have to wade through a hundred comments like “nice website” and “keep it up” that are really simply links to these scamster sites.

In my next post I’ll show you some of the general comments that have been sent regarding Small Graces. In the interim, know that your comments are being seen and read, and, in most cases, given a response. The rest of you just are not able to look over my shoulder to see what is being written.

Stay with me. We’ll get it worked out.

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