A Rare and Unusual Holiday Offer

Most of you know Neither Wolf nor Dog, my “literary child” that has drawn the most attention of any of my books over the years. Few of you know To Walk the Red Road, the collection of Red Lake tribal members’ memories that set in motion the events that resulted in the writing of Neither Wolf nor Dog.

This is because To Walk the Red Road was done as a reservation project and was published only locally, and in very small numbers. But its effect was huge. The photos it contained and the way it gave voice to the tribal elders caught Dan’s attention and resulted in him inspiring me to write Neither Wolf nor Dog.

I’ve always felt that to really understand Neither Wolf nor Dog it is important to see the photos and hear the authentic, heartfelt voices of To Walk the Red Road. But up until now that opportunity has never been available.

Now, for a short moment, that opportunity is here, and I’m excited to be able to offer it to you for this holiday season. The Red Lake School Board has authorized me to do a limited reprint of To Walk the Red Road, and these are now available. My sisters at wolfnordog.com have packaged an autographed copy of To Walk the Red Road with an autographed copy of Neither Wolf nor Dog and are offering them at a special holiday price of $34.95. They have told me that they will do free gift wrapping and work out special gift boxes if you so desire. You need only to go to their website, wolfnordog.com, to place an order or to find out more.

I know that a lot of you have asked about To Walk the Red Road over they years, since it figures so prominently in the story of Neither Wolf nor Dog. It has always been a frustration to me that I could not help you find copies. Now I can, at least for as long as the few hundred we have printed last. I think the book by itself is a wonderful accomplishment, because it gives you a glimpse, through photos and memories, into one of the few closed reservations in the country and a place that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for the last several years. If you want to see what it was like to grow up on a reservation, and to hear the stories as the elders told them to the children, To Walk the Red Road offers you the rare opportunity to do so.

I hope this posting gets to those of you who have asked over the years, as well as to those of you who would find this pairing of books to be something valuable to own or give. I don’t keep track of the numbers of remaining books, so I can’t guarantee how long this pairing will be available. But, for now, we have them.

Click here to go to wolfnordog.com to order your own copies.

4 thoughts on “A Rare and Unusual Holiday Offer”

  1. Dear Kent,

    Thanks for letting us know. I will be ordering soon, and look forward to giving these to my teenage daughter.

    P.S. Recently, because of the flu season catching up with our family and keeping all of us (three generations) indoors and ailing, I’ve cracked out your books from my library and have started to reread them one by one. How much joy they have brought. Right now I’m rereading (and loving) Road Angels. What could have been a seriously depressing interlude of enforced isolation has become rich and deeply meaningful. Your books are treasures of the best kind. Thank you.

  2. As soon as I heard To Walk the Red Road was available, I ordered a copy. Your sisters are so great. I received an e-mail saying they got my order the same day. The next day I received an e-mail saying the book had been shipped. The next day I received the book AND another e-mail asking me if I had received the book!!! Talk about customer service.

    A student in my course this semester is from Red Lake, so I brought the book to her to read. It’s only a LOAN however. She’s had the book for a couple of weeks and is reluctant to give it up.


  3. Hi Kent,
    We bought two of your baskets from Carole and your other sister to give as presents to old South Dakota friends. We figure we are only twice removed from you (and took the opportunity to brag about that on the cards…heehee). We are old friends of Carole, John and Nina….taught Sunday School with them for years and took a group of Plymouth youth to Jamaica many years ago. Ask Carol sometime about the “heavy ladies.”

    Seriously, those baskets were lovely and we have enjoyed your books…many of them gifts from your sister C. and family.

    Sue Reaney

  4. Update: I placed my order Friday and received it on Monday!! Such great customer service, the best… Thanks again for this holiday special.

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