A Rare and Temporary Offer — Two soon-to-be-unavailable works, Small Graces (CD) and Ordinary Sacred

Small Graces and Ordinary Sacred are quiet sister works, each seeking to illuminate the spiritual presence in the ordinary events of our everyday lives.

Small Graces is more domestic, telling of such moments as our elderly neighbor tending her garden while her memories fade, and the beauty of life as seen through her window by a woman in a nursing home.

Ordinary Sacred ranges further afield to speak of the magic of hearing a symphony in the church of Sante Croce in Florence, and attending the funeral of a young Indian boy on an isolated reservation in Minnesota.

I love these books. They have a spiritual humility and wisdom that I do not often have the good fortune to achieve.

You can only get them here, and only for a short time.  I alone have the CD  of Small Graces recorded in my own voice.  And Ordinary Sacred is no longer in print, so these few copies are all that remain.

I want you, my readers, to have the first chance at these.  So I am offering them until the end of the month at the special price of $45 dollars for both.  I will pay for shipping.

I hope some of you will seek these out.  They speak to and of our best selves. If you want to purchase them, click the “Shop” button on my website, www.kentnerburn.com.

I will, of course, sign each of them that I send out.  For the right people, these are very special works.


5 thoughts on “A Rare and Temporary Offer — Two soon-to-be-unavailable works, Small Graces (CD) and Ordinary Sacred”

  1. I would love to have these, Mr. Nerburn! Please let me know how I can order them. I hope I’m not too late! The truth of your words touches me deeply. I have let too many chances to obtain your books that are no longer in print pass me by. Thank you! I’m glad you have the heart that you do.

  2. Mary Lou Panatopoulos

    I would like to order several of this special offer for Christmas gifts. How do I place my order. I ordered the CD “Small Graces” for my husband and I. They are very special and I want to share them with family and friends.

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