A Musical Gift from across the Pond

This came in my email this morning and I thought I’d pass it along.  It is a wonderful translation of my cab driver story in Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace into song.  That story, which was excerpted from the chapter, “Where there is sadness, Joy,” has become a social media phenomenon, traveling around the world on the internet as “The Last Cab Ride.”  The last time I checked it had been viewed several million times, and I receive notes about it on almost a daily basis.  You can seek it out on your own if you haven’t read it.  I’ll publish the true version of it here in a few days.  But for now I’d like you to hear this song composed around it by a Scottish singer named Nico.  Reducing a story to song is no easy thing.  I think she did a wonderful job.  Take a listen.


And do consider going to the shop on the website and ordering the special package of the CD of Small Graces and the book, Ordinary Sacred.  I’ve enjoyed rediscovering these, and realize that I caught something very heartfelt in those two works.  I will never forget the note I received from a reader who said her mother wanted Small Graces read to her as she was dying.  Can a writer ever wish for anything more?

5 thoughts on “A Musical Gift from across the Pond”

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  2. Kent,
    This link isn’t working for me. I have calmed the Internet trying to hear this song and I can’t seem to locate it can you re-publish the link?

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