A flare in the night and the first mention of A Wolf at Twilight

Well, well, well. Look who shows up. It has been a long time.I truly appreciate the emails I’ve gotten from folks wondering about my health and whereabouts. I could say that I switched computers and lost the capacity to use this blogging system (which would be half true) or I could say that I simply succumbed to blogger fatigue (which would also be half true). But, instead, I’ll go with the third half — a formula quite in keeping with my mathematical abilities — and say that I simply turned my attention elsewhere.During my hiatus it appears that everyone on earth has started a blog, then all moved over to Facebook, leaving the blogging landscape for the politically fixated. I made a crude effort to get involved with Facebook but found it uncomfortable because of my penchant for being the man behind the curtain to whom you should pay no attention rather than a man in front of the curtain revealing parts of himself that are better left unseen.So, once again a retrograde behind-the-curve member of the “left in the dust” set, I am coming out of my foxhole to see if anyone remains in view. I’ll send out this flare into the darkness to see what comes back, then go from there.Here are some developments:I’ve just finished the sequel to Neither Wolf nor Dog entitled The Wolf at Twilight: An Elder’s Journey through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows. It is now going into final production and will be available later in the fall. My intention is to use my blogsite to give you all some glimpses of it and some updates regarding it. I hope there are enough of you out there who are still listening and reading.I’m also going to do some revamping of my website so that the moribund blog does not sit front and center on the page.On the personal front, my wife and I will be spending the fall in Portland, so I’ll be casting bread upon the waters for connections and opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. If any of you would like to get together, I’d love some human connections. Also, I would relish any promotional opportunities — reading, speaking, etc., that would allow me to get the word out about The Wolf at Twilight. And I’m very much in the mood for teaching, so if anyone in any kind of setting would like a writer in residence, let me know. I just recently spent some time speaking with kids in the local Juvenile Detention Center and was reminded of the pleasure that comes from sharing with young people, whether elementary school or college age.I’ve also spent some time on Pine Ridge visiting friends. I had the good fortune to travel the Nez Perce trail with a wonderful group of folks from the Netherlands, though some god of public speaking struck me dumb through the unlikely device of a throat virus that reduced me to croaking. I can say with some authority that if public speaking is difficult, public croaking is even worse — for both the croaker and the audience.There is obviously much more. There was the sad death of my mother on Christmas day; there are family changes that are leaving my wife and me as empty nesters; there was a wonderful five week hiatus in Oxford, one of my favorite cities in the world; and more than a few odd research jaunts into the empty parts of the high plains. Perhaps I’ll write more about these; perhaps not. For now I’m just checking to see if any of the addresses on my blog list are still good and to say a warm “hello” to those of you who haven’t changed email addresses, crossed me off your list, or have been waiting for me to raise my head.Well, here I am. Anyone there?

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