A flare in the night and the first mention of A Wolf at Twilight

Well, well, well. Look who shows up. It has been a long time.I truly appreciate the emails I’ve gotten from folks wondering about my health and whereabouts. I could say that I switched computers and lost the capacity to use this blogging system (which would be half true) or I could say that I simply succumbed to blogger fatigue (which would also be half true). But, instead, I’ll go with the third half — a formula quite in keeping with my mathematical abilities — and say that I simply turned my attention elsewhere.During my hiatus it appears that everyone on earth has started a blog, then all moved over to Facebook, leaving the blogging landscape for the politically fixated. I made a crude effort to get involved with Facebook but found it uncomfortable because of my penchant for being the man behind the curtain to whom you should pay no attention rather than a man in front of the curtain revealing parts of himself that are better left unseen.So, once again a retrograde behind-the-curve member of the “left in the dust” set, I am coming out of my foxhole to see if anyone remains in view. I’ll send out this flare into the darkness to see what comes back, then go from there.Here are some developments:I’ve just finished the sequel to Neither Wolf nor Dog entitled The Wolf at Twilight: An Elder’s Journey through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows. It is now going into final production and will be available later in the fall. My intention is to use my blogsite to give you all some glimpses of it and some updates regarding it. I hope there are enough of you out there who are still listening and reading.I’m also going to do some revamping of my website so that the moribund blog does not sit front and center on the page.On the personal front, my wife and I will be spending the fall in Portland, so I’ll be casting bread upon the waters for connections and opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. If any of you would like to get together, I’d love some human connections. Also, I would relish any promotional opportunities — reading, speaking, etc., that would allow me to get the word out about The Wolf at Twilight. And I’m very much in the mood for teaching, so if anyone in any kind of setting would like a writer in residence, let me know. I just recently spent some time speaking with kids in the local Juvenile Detention Center and was reminded of the pleasure that comes from sharing with young people, whether elementary school or college age.I’ve also spent some time on Pine Ridge visiting friends. I had the good fortune to travel the Nez Perce trail with a wonderful group of folks from the Netherlands, though some god of public speaking struck me dumb through the unlikely device of a throat virus that reduced me to croaking. I can say with some authority that if public speaking is difficult, public croaking is even worse — for both the croaker and the audience.There is obviously much more. There was the sad death of my mother on Christmas day; there are family changes that are leaving my wife and me as empty nesters; there was a wonderful five week hiatus in Oxford, one of my favorite cities in the world; and more than a few odd research jaunts into the empty parts of the high plains. Perhaps I’ll write more about these; perhaps not. For now I’m just checking to see if any of the addresses on my blog list are still good and to say a warm “hello” to those of you who haven’t changed email addresses, crossed me off your list, or have been waiting for me to raise my head.Well, here I am. Anyone there?

51 thoughts on “A flare in the night and the first mention of A Wolf at Twilight”

  1. Hello Kent! I was excited to see this post from you and extremely thrilled to hear you have finished the sequel! Congratulations! Can’t wait for it to be available! Since I live in and love the Pacific Northwest, I was happy to hear you will be spending some extended time here. I hope you will make available any speaking dates, etc where my husband and I might come and hear you. That would be meaningful to us, as we have read most of your books and given them to friends. Your words resonate with us! Again, so great to hear an update from you! I’m glad you gave yourself permission to rest from the blogging but it is great to be back in touch!

  2. Welcome back, Kent. This is welcome news indeed. I was getting ready to send a message to you to see if the project was still going on the sequel. Now that I see that it is, I am excited to obtain a copy and enjoy some good reading again. We are still here and waiting patiently. Eric

  3. Hi Kent,
    So glad to hear from you, having checked the website several times, wondered where you were. When will the sequel be released for sale, can’t wait to read it? How goes the movie for “Neither Wolf nor Dog”? Let us know of speaking dates and locations so we can attend if possible.

    Thanks for the update–

  4. Hello from the Canadian Prairies…..welcome back from your hiatus! I was just wondering about you & your blog the other day. It’s so exciting to know there is a sequel coming! We enjoy reading your books so much…..and will be in line for the new book. A fan…..

  5. Wade Christiansen

    Glad to hear from you Kent. “Neither Wolf nor Dog” was the first book that I read written by you ( it was a gift from my mother-in-law) and once I started I was not able to put it down. I finished it the following day. Then I read “Chief Joseph.” Both books, to this day, are still my favorite books. I am ecstatic that you have done a sequel and I can’t wait. Thank you so much and I guess I should raise my hand and say, “present.”

  6. Your words are often enlightening and inspiring, always appreciated. You have a way of getting to rather timeless truths–at least one hopes they are timeless.

    Please keep writing.

    Is Neither Wolf Nor Dog being made into a movie? Comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the sequel, I’ve long hoped there would be one.

    I’ve gotten into beekeeping–facinaing.

    I’ve read the Omnivores Delimma and am now reading What We Leave Behind–very very distrubing. We are so selfish. Would enjoy your thoughts if you have read them.

    The world so complex, the issues and problems so difficult. Again, your thoughts and words help to bring out the best in humans and that is really needed now–and probabley always has been.

  7. Don’t know if you will remember me – I contacted you last summer about an encounter I had with the Nez Perce in Idaho after reading Neither Wolf Nor Dog. You suggested I read your book about Chief Joseph. I did. It took longer to read than any book I’ve ever read. At the end of each chapter I found myself in such grief – not sure how to actually explain it. I wouldn’t let myself read anything else till I finished it and it took over 6 months. I’d like to put thoughts to paper regarding it all – but like yourself, am in a little transition stage right now. (moving) Perhaps if you are up for it, maybe later?
    Glad to see you back here.

  8. Good to hear from you Kent. I’m really looking forward to reading your new book! Wish you were coming out east (Boston area) but hope you enjoy your time in Portland just the same.
    Warm Regards,


  9. Greetings from Iowa City – not quite like Oxford, but similar in many respects.

    Glad your back.

  10. We are here. Our ears are always happy to catch a note of your long resounding voice echo. Will pass the word on about looking for Portland human connections.

  11. Hi Kent
    Welcome back, thank you for the update looking forward to the sequel.

  12. hi kent,
    i’m here and happy you are back. i can’t wait to read the wolf at twilight so i hope you keep us posted.

  13. So sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Good to see you back. I will buy a your sequel for myself and probably a few more for family.

    best regards

  14. Hi Kent, Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your mom. I’m looking very forward to reading your new book! Your books have touched my life in so many ways I can’t begin to mention them all. My son had an excerpt from “Letters to my Son” read at his wedding. The last book my wife read before she died was your book about St. Francis. You have a rare gift.


  15. Hey Kent!

    Greetings from the U.P! Glad to see you back online.

    I don’t know if you heard or not, but “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” was one of two books being considered for our summer reading program at Tech. Actually, I haven’t heard that it wasn’t selected, but since you don’t make mention of visiting the U.P. this August, I’m assuming it wasn’t. Bummer.

    I turned in some students’ raves about the book when I recommended it, and I heard that they made an impression. Perhaps next year!

    Anyway, great to hear about the sequel, and look forward to reading it!

    Take care, and have a blast out west. I’ll be leaving the U.P. next summer and moving to AZ myself. What a change that will be!


  16. I’ll add my welcome back to the others, Kent. I like your books on the Native Americans but really enjoy the spirituality-related books that you have written in the past. They speak to my soul and your wisdom is profound. Any chance of coming to the Twin Cities for a visit/lecture? Take care.


  17. hello kent,

    great to see your email. sounds like you have been busy. i cannot wait to get my hands on the new book!!!!
    i just returned from seattle where i spoke at the american veterinary medical association’s annual meeting. i spoke on volunteerism and my group’s experiences on the hopi and zuni reservations. as i said to you in an earlier email, i quoted you (mostly from simple truths) multiple times. the presentation went really well.
    any possiblity you will make it to the east coast someday?

  18. I just arrived home from my book club where we selected our books for the coming year. I had suggested Neither Wolf Nor Dog and that had started me thinking about you. To have you pop up in my email was great. I look forward to the sequel.

    I met you a couple of years ago at an event in White Bear Lake. We had a good visit after most have left and I encouraged you then to also keep writing your spiritual books. I especially love Calm Surrender (on forgiveness) and Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace. We need voices such as yours.

    My sympathies on the death of your mother – on Christmas Day no less.

    Warm regards,

  19. Hi Kent,
    How good to know I haven’t been dropped from your mailing list!

    I read “Neither Wolf nor Dog” last year, around the the time of the financial meltdown. The difference between the need to own and the willingness to share emerged cristal clear.
    Feelings of inadequacy made me put down the book an many occassions, questioning my western values. I haven’t been and won’t ever be the same since I read the book.

    Thank you,

  20. Hi Kent,

    Wonderful to get your email and VERY excited about the new book. I have given away so many copies of “Neither Wolf, Nor Dog” I’ve lost count. It will be nice to follow up with the sequel. I am living my dream thanks to you and loving every minute. I work with the Lakota on Pine Ridge through One Spirit and it has changed my life in ways I am only beginning to discover. I lost my dad last year and he asked us to read your book to him in his last days. It was the one thing that seemed to calm him and make him smile. Thank you for those moments. My deepest sympathy in the loss of your mother.

  21. Meredith Neria

    It’s good to pull back (or out),take a break, reassess our lives and then step back into the thick of it again, with new perspectives and hopefully renewed energy. Losing loved ones or seeing them off onto their own life adventure takes the wind out of our sails, but then a refreshing new breeze from another quarter comes along to set us asail once again. Looking forward to reading The Wolf at Twilight, know it will be provocative and inspirational. Keep on blogging, lots of us don’t twitter, tweet or whatever and your thoughts keep me on my toes. Enjoy your visit to the Northwest — hopefully you’ll be able to take in Crater Lake 🙂 Meredith

  22. Maureen Augustine

    I’m still out here and was excited to see your blog entry. It’s been a while. I’m looking forward to Wolf at Twilight as I so enjoyed Neither Wolf nor Dog and passed it on to others to read. Also, I always am interested in your comments on happenings of the day, etc. Please keep blogging.

  23. Hello Kent,
    Delighted to find you again! I had been thinking about emailing you recently. It seems like Powell’s bookstore in Portland would be the perfect place for you from what I’ve heard of it. I have several relatives in Portland so will contact them (via Facebook:) to see what suggestions they may have – a teacher and a musician might be of assistance I suspect.
    So glad to hear from you,

  24. Hi Kent,

    Hello from the central coast of California. A beautiful day here at the beach! Good to hear about your forthcoming book.

    I don’t care for Face book either, I’m glad to hear you will continue to blog.

  25. So glad to hear that we in the Pacific Northwest are going to be blessed with your presence!
    I’ve shared Neither Wolf nor Dog with many and can’t wait for the sequel!

    So sorry about the loss of your mother…a tough transition. All loss is.

    Please do stay in touch with us all! Pam

  26. Margaret Aguilera

    Hi Kent

    The brightness of your flare reached as far south as Coral Gables Florida. I very much enjoy your books. I best liked the Simple Truths. Hope to see you in Florida someday.

  27. Dr. Nerburn,

    I was delighted to return from Pine Ridge and find a message from you. I had the best trip ever this past week; I always return with a renewed sense of peace. This trip my husband and I were invited to help build a powwow arbor.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Wolf at Twilight. I read NWND for the third time a couple of weeks ago. I always find something new.

    Perhaps sometime we will meet on the rez!


  28. hi there,

    i’m looking very forward to read your new book.
    best regards from kiel;germany


  29. Hello Ken,

    It was so wonderful to open my email tonight and see an email from you in my inbox. I am thrilled to hear that the sequel to Neither Wolf Nor Dog will soon be available. That has become one of my absolute favorite books and I recommend it to others often. I am in north eastern British Columbia and we have a wonderful little bookstore here and it would be great if you could come up for a visit and to speak. I’d love to see if we could work that out. Take care of you, enjoy your empty nest and your time away from the blog! You deserve it!


  30. Hi Kent

    You and I know the virus was probably from Dutch origin. And it was a strong one. But if you can live (survive) in Bemidji Minnesota, even a strong Dutch virus is just peanuts for you:-)) Our NeeMeePoo group still talks about your beautiful stories you told them during the trip. And if they still want to know what you would have told them at the Beartooth Battlefield, then they should read your book.

  31. Dear Kent,
    Thank you for answering my prayer. Neither Wolf nor Dog has become a classic amongst my family and friends. I live on Martha’s Vineyard and am always hesitant to share “Indian” books with my Wampanoag friends. They truly enjoyed it. The best coup was sending the book on a surf trip to Costa Rica with my son and friends,really classified as non readers to boot. All came back with a very salt stained dog-earred copy saying it was the best book they had ever read.It’s lost somewhere up there in Gay Head with the tribe as we speak. The best!,Kent. really.

    Blessings,gina james

  32. Hau Kent!!
    Greetings from Rosebud Rez. Still with you and glad to hear from you.
    Please check out our new foundation at the above website, if you can link to it on your site we will do the same. Wopila!

  33. Count me in. Still reading & am looking forward to your new book and thoughts. Best wishes.

  34. Kent, how happy I am to hear from you and delighted to know you will be coming to the beautiful Northwest. UP would be a good University to look into, they put out an award winning alumnae magazine in case you have never seen it. You also might want to travel up to Seattle and visit the Chief Seattle Club for the urban Native Americans. They do good work….welcome back!

  35. Hi, Kent, so glad to hear from you. Occasionally I would check your website to see if there were any new blogs so I know I was still on your list to e-mail. Glad to hear about the sequel and can’t wait for the film about “Neither Dog Nor Wolf” to come out. You have wonderful fans and it is a joy to read their comments and know there are so many intelligent, inspired people out there. Please don’t be a stranger to us but get that book done. Someday soon I hope to be putting down on paper my own books. This fan in Pittsburgh wishes you the best and my deepest condolenses on your loss. On July 18, my mom has been gone for 23 years. I miss her more every day.

  36. Cathey Rennick

    Hi Kent – still here, still admiring your work, still hope, someday, to meet you up in Bemidji (sp?) and tell you this to your face! In the meantime…keep on, brother. Your ministry is doing its work in the world.

  37. Kent, thanks for getting back in touch with all of us. I think it’s clear that you’ve been missed, and that many of us have been checking your website with some frequency in hopes of finding an update. Great news on The Wolf at Twilight! I’m anxious to read the whole book, but in the meantime, I’ll look forward to learning more about it in your blogs.

  38. Greetings from Portland! Great to hear from you. So happy that you will be spending some extended time in our fair city. Can’t wait to hear when/where you will be speaking!

  39. Hey Nerb –

    Its been a while, good to see you’re still out there somewhere… We’ve been wondering about you… Good to see you posting on here again 8)


  40. Welcome back!
    Hope you’re refreshed and full of new stories, opinions and insights. Can’t wait to hear ’em!

    Many blessings,

  41. Greetings from Cedarburg, Wisconsin. It was a delight to see a message from you waiting in my in box. I really enjoy reading your work!

  42. I saw the flicker from the flare you sent out. Glad to know you’re writing and that you’re OK.

  43. I really enjoyed “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”, this is such great news that you’ve finished the sequel. Know that I’ll be in the audience again and telling all of my friends (again). Keep up the good work, Achukmanili, Chi haklo lachike.

  44. Sharyn McCormick

    I am one of your very ordinary fans who gleans much from your writing and I have sincerely missed you. I am thrilled that you have decided to get in touch with us ordinary folks once again, and am looking forward to the new book which I have already pre-ordered on Amazon.

    Hopefully you won’t stay gone for so long again, since you have received so many warm responses.

  45. I’ve missed your quiet, reassuring voice, glad to hear from you again, and looking forward to reading Wolf at Twilight! We see so much meanness in the world, but the good folks like you are still there, and that’s good to know.

  46. So good to hear from you Kent! I’m very excited about your new book and can’t wait to read it. I love that you created a Facebook group to discuss the book. I’m really looking forward to it.

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