A beautiful photo that I just want to share

This showed up on my facebook page today.  I thought I would share it with you, partly because it is so beautiful and partly because I want all artists and young people who dream of being musicians, writers, painters, dancers — artists of any sort at all — to be aware of this new book of mine, Dancing with the Gods.  It was written to reveal some of the joys and challenges that a life in the arts offers.  I like to think it is a book of both consolation and inspiration.  I hope you will seek it out.

3 thoughts on “A beautiful photo that I just want to share”

  1. I’d like to post the review here that I posted on Amazon:

    DANCING WITH THE GODS is a rare and profound and beautiful work. In a series of reflections that are reminiscent of Rilke’s great LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET, Kent Nerburn touches on the deepest issues in the artistic life: the psychic connection between artist and audience, the dilemma of being emotionally done with a work before the work is finished, the delicate relationship between inspiration and craft, and so much more.

    This is no how-to book. It is a book of wisdom and insight that articulates the deep issues that all of us in the arts know in our heart. Anyone who works in the arts or dreams of a life in the arts should read this book. I truly believe that if Rilke were able to see this book, he would consider it a worthy companion to LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET.

  2. Thank you!!!! This calls to my heart! I am ordering right now. I love your work and the path you’ve taken in life and shared with all of us.❤️

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