Month: March 2005

A Message to Journalists about the Red Lake Tragedy

And so it begins. The grieving people at Red Lake have closed the town and shut out the media, and the reporters and camera people are now stuck in a small northern Minnesota town desperate for copy. It is an unseemly reality, but it is part of the lethal truth of an omnivorous news culture.

One of these reporters — a man well-aware of the avaricious nature of the media beast — saw my commentary in one of the papers in which it has run, and he contacted me asking what he needed to know to do this right.

I have no good answers about how to do it right, but I know how to do it wrong. So I told him.

Here are the thoughts. I think they bear reflection
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Breaking my own rules

I know that many of you signed up on the assumption that you would receive no more than one email notification per week about new posts to my weblog. Normally, I try to honor that (well, maybe writing one post every month is more than honoring it).

But these are unusual times. I think I have something important to contribute about a tragic and difficult situation, so I’m taking the liberty of imposing upon you more often.

I hope you don’t mind.