Would you support a kickstarter to republish A Haunting Reverence?

I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter to republish one of my favorite books, A Haunting Reverence.  It would be retitled Echoes of Forgotten Voices.

This was “my quiet child” — my most poetic book, and probably my deepest.  It was a metaphoric look, through story and reflection, at the way the land influences our hearts and character. It was, and remains, the key book in my search for an authentic American spirituality that embraces our western spiritual traditions and the ways of Native America.

When it was published, it was a book before its time. Too quiet, too reflective, too meditative, and nobody knew who I was. I’m thinking that its time now has come.

I’m just taking the temperature of the water here. If I self published it through a kickstarter, would you be willing to participate? If I get a positive response, I’ll post a little more about the project and begin the process of getting you all involved.


  1. Kelli Burrows says:

    I would. Keep us posted.

  2. Mick Free says:

    Great idea! You have my support.

  3. Christa Stigter says:

    It was a great pleasure and honour meeting you and your wife last month and having an opportunity to share ideas and sharing the delicious salmon at the Makah Days. I would certainly be willing to participate and like to learn more about the project.

  4. Jerry Newton says:

    Yes, i like your early,poetic work. Very inspiring, I remember ordering a 3-book set but gave them all away.

  5. Tatian Greenleaf says:

    Yes, I’ve loved your writing and would be happy to support the publishing/sale of anther book.

  6. Christina Passmore says:

    Yes, absolutely. Looking forward to reading this book.

  7. Himanshu Tiwari says:

    You have my vote, sir.


  8. Lynn Gallagher says:

    Kent~ of course. Keep me in the loop.

  9. Bob says:

    I would, but I could not give a lot as we are of extremely modest means. To give you a sense, I do not know if I could go above $20.

  10. knerburn says:

    If I do this, I have to have different categories. Remember “the widow’s mite”/

  11. Ray Adams says:

    Definitely I love your books

  12. Nancy says:

    Yes for sure! I think at last count I gave away 30 copies of your Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace. Giving people who are hurting JOY. With all the noise in the world we need the silence so we can hear God’s voice.

  13. Josephine Irvine-Groves says:

    I just finished the trilogy about Dan (Neither–Twilight- Girl who sang) and found them riveting so could not put them down.

    Yes,I would support the re-publication.

  14. james cooper says:

    You can count on me. If I can help promote the distribution of your Light then I have no choice.

  15. After reading and deeply appreciating “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” (after considering going to North Dakota to support the anti oil pipeline protest & then reading your missive) I would be VERY interested in reading a re-publication of “A Haunting Reverence.”

  16. Alexandra says:

    Did you decide yet about doing a Kickstarter fund?

  17. knerburn says:

    Coming soon. Just had to go on the back burner for awhile.

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