Two upcoming events: September 23rd and October 1st.

I am usually pretty derelict about posting my public appearances.  So here is some advance notice of two events. PDF.

First, on the 23rd of September I will be at the South Dakota Book Festival in Brookings, South Dakota with director, Steven Simpson.  We will show his film of Neither Wolf nor Dog and hold a discussion afterward.  I will also be doing book signings on the 23rd and 24th.  I love that book festival because it is intimate and familial, and there is always plenty of time to visit with readers and friends.  You would have a good time if you came.  Really nice authors (not necessarily an oxymoron) tend to be there, and all are very approachable.

Then, on the 1st of October, I will be doing a reading/concert that we call “Red Roads and Blue Highways” with Larry Long in Rochester, Minnesota.  I’m posting the flier here (though my technology skills are so weak that you’ll have to click on the link to see it).  Larry and I have done this twice before, and it has been magic.  I’m excited to do it again.  I don’t often get to work with other artists, so this is a rare treat for me.  Something wonderful happens when good people work together.


  1. Marcia Faust says:

    Hope you and Larry will bring your reading/concert back to the Twin Cities. Had to miss when you were at the Carondolet Center and I’ll be out of town or I would have considered driving to Rochester.

    Would be even better if the movie makes it this way. Keep us posted.

  2. knerburn says:

    Both could happen.

  3. Terri Twiddy-Butler says:

    I have read Neither Wolf Nor Dog more times that I remember and have recommended it to everyone I know! I am a tribal member of the Skokomish Tribe in WA state and currently serve as our Vice-Chair. Often Native people are sceptics when I tell them to read your book since you are a non Native author. BUT they will quickly say, “he gets it!” after reading your book. I hope I have an opportunity to see the movie, I have been waiting for a long time!

  4. knerburn says:

    This is a great compliment, Terri. Was it you I met when I visited there maybe five years ago?

  5. Terri Twiddy-Butler says:

    Yes, You were nice enough to come visit Skokomish. I am still waiting for you to come to Washinton in the summer and check out our annual Canoe Journey, the invitation always stands. I will watch for an opportunity to see the movie! I was tempted to fly to San Diego!

  6. knerburn says:

    I’ll be in touch. I’d like to come up for a visit. We’re living in Portland, so it’s not s super big trip.

  7. Dr. Helen Bonner says:

    Kent, my husband and I have just finished reading aloud to each other Neither Wolf Nor Dog. He for years has romanticized
    Native Americans, but also feels deeply what we whites have done to them. I lived in Bemidji while teaching at the U. and
    saw for myself what we had done to them. I am deeply moved by your understanding and compassion, and mostly, your
    ability to truly listen and keep listening, even when it’s painful. When the last we see of the truck mechanic is him getting down with the kids to show them how to fix their bikes, I felt like that said it all. Thanks Kent. Susan Hauser thought so highly of you. A born Minnesotan she was no easy sell. She’s gone now, and I miss her. She loved your books. Of course my husband is now ordering another. Thank you for your gift. Helen Bonner

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