1. crystal says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Just had to read your into to “The girl who sang to the Buffalo” to see what tribe it was about ……and WOW!!! Am rather shocked to see it’s along the same track of what I think happened to Sarah!! Except maybe this girl didn’t earn the diagnosis? Now I am REALLY intrigued!!!

  2. Patrick Lovell says:

    Mr.Nerburn….This weekend I read Neither Wolf Nor Dog and The Wolf at Twilight…one on Saturday and one on Sunday….My tears are still falling…tears of anger,tears of sorrow,tears of joy,tears of truth,tears for yesterday,tears for tomorrow…I cannot put into to words my feelings except to say my spirit cries….Mitayuke oyas’in

  3. Lakhota Harker says:

    Hau Mr. Nerburn Anpetu Waste

    My best friend bought me this book as a gift and I have read many books on Native American’sin my life time. I must say that this is one of the best books I have read in a long time and it is one of those books you never wanted it to end. It was splendid, the way you described the people and their character. I want to thank you for this great book and will recommend it to my family and friends. Next project is Neither Wolf nor Dog! Pilamaya

  4. Rachel Worthy Steen says:

    Just finished your book, “Simple Truths”…what a great book and now I’ve found a new writer THAT I LOVE.

    Rachel Worthy Steen

  5. […] * I am suggesting as strongly as possible that a way of supporting Kevin Annett’s upcoming work against the Crown and the Vatican might be to find the time to read one of Kent Nerburn’s very special books, Neither Wolf Nor Dog; The Wolf at Twilight; or The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo. Although his books are available on Amazon, you might find a visit to Kent’s site will be of value.   […]

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