1. knerburn says:

    Thanks, Rita. When I was five in 1951 my dad had a chance to be sent to Heidelberg with the Red Cross. But my grandmother, who had been born and raised in Essen, didn’t want us anywhere near Germany, so we stayed in the U.S. I have always wished we would have gone so I could have been a witness to history during the reconstruction period. I often wonder who I would have been if we would have spent a few years in post-war Germany. I have been back several times since and am amazed at what the country has accomplished. I’m very happy that you are pleased with America and I am honored that I have helped you a little in your quest to understand American history. I hope you have read Neither Wolf nor Dog, The Wolf at Twilight, and The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo. My biggest pure historical work — a four year labor — was Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce. Do take a look at it if you haven’t yet. It tells a story that needs to be told, and I believe I told it well. Thanks so much for writing.

  2. Rita Ackerman says:

    I was so happy to hear from you . I have read all the books you mentioned and I am reading “Voices in the Stones ” right now.I also have the book “Simple Truths”
    Then I pass them on to my Son & Daughter ,they also love them.I have learned much from reading your books. I was born in Augsburg Germany,near Munich in 1939
    and was 51/2 years old when the war ended .It was a sad time .I came to America in 1957 with my Mom ,it has been a dream of mine since I was a teen.
    Thank you Ken and God Bless you.

  3. We have just finished The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo, and have been moved to a communication beyond ourselves. Thank you!
    My quest today is to read more, and more.

  4. Jonah meyer says:

    Someone gave me the girl who sang to the buffalo, I read all of the books in that series. I want to thank you for writing those books . They sent me on a yearlong journey of catching up on my American history, primarily the Native American story. I can’t stop reading and exploring the people and culture and the epic tales of how it all came down . I got so much from Dan and Grover and your conversations. Mostly how much it affected my heart. Thank you
    I can’t wait to see the movie!

  5. John Brown says:

    Whilst in Kefalonia, Greece last week, as part of my therapeutic process, I read Neither Wolf Nor Dog, The Wolf At Twilight and The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo and Voices in the Stones

    My nephew’s wife in Minnesota alerted me about Kent (thank you Danielle) via a message on Neither Wolf Nor Dog

    I can honestly say that these are the best non fictional stories I have ever read. The content is so insightful and heartfelt, that I now intend to look, reflect and react to things in a very different way. I thought I wasn’t too far off the right path in life……….but being honest with myself, I now know this is not the whole truth!

    Discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, hatred and fear is consuming the global population more now that it ever has……we must rapidly change course and do things very differently……..if we don’t there is only one certainty!!

    I have posted this on my facebook page….because I want to share the experience of reading these stories with people who I know and communicate with…in the hope that they read these books and share them with their family and friends…..

    Thank you


  6. R. Alan James says:

    Kent: I want to visit with you. How can we make a connection? I believe I met you once in Brainard in about 1988 or 90. I am no conducting an institute and ask whether you can be available for a presentation

  7. knerburn says:

    Write me with some specifics at knerburn@kentnerburn.com.

  8. ken allaman says:

    Thank you Kent,you have a 76 year old man reading again.I’d like to send you a painting i did from being at standing rock for a few days during protest.When you have snipers pointing a rifle in your direction or see a young woman beaten for praying about water in The Missouri you fully realize the harshness of the treatment of Native Americans.ken

  9. knerburn says:

    Thanks, Ken. I would be honored to receive your painting. You seem like a most interesting man, and one after my own heart. I’m glad I got you reading again. It’s also gratifying to know that there are a few folks out there who are older than I by a bit (71) and are still fighting the good fight. Shoot me an email at knerburn@kentnerburn.com and I’ll send you my address. I’ve become wary of putting information on social media.

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