“Echoes of Forgotten Voices” or “Whispers of Forgotten Voices” — the contest

The polls close at midnight on the voting between “Echoes of Forgotten Voices” and “Whispers of Forgotten Voices” as the title of my new version of “A Haunting Reverence”. There are also a few third party candidates who are receiving votes.

I just want you to know that I do not have superdelegates (meaning wife, friends, etc. who get to put in a vote at the end), I am not going to build a wall — a tremendous wall — to keep foreign voters out, and no one has contributed more than 27 cents to this campaign, so I am beholden to no one.

Look for the results tomorrow.


  1. Shelley says:

    LOL LOL !! Very glad to hear that ! I’m still going for ECHOES !!

  2. Even though I love WHISPERS better, I feel ECHOES stand out more.

  3. Jerry Newton says:

    Whispers is better because it infers direct communication

  4. Janis Toepel says:

    Whispers… gets my vote mostly because that seems to be an “in word” these days. People pay attention to it….and it catches their eye.

  5. Joy says:

    whispers hit me as the correct title.Cant wait as I missedthe original.

  6. MaryLou Jones says:

    I’m sorry, but I must have missed a whole bunch of posts, as I don’t know what either of these titles pertain to. Sorry. I do love your writing though.

  7. knerburn says:

    Read back a few posts and it should become clear. Thanks for your kind words about my writing.

  8. DeAnna Hudson says:

    Echoes speaks to me more. I feel like echoes resonate and that intrigued me.

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