1. Anne Crooks says:

    Dear Kent: I am so relieved to have found your books, I believe through a Mpls newspaper review. I just finished “The Girl Who Sang…” and found it to be one of the most compelling books I have read in a long time. I recommend you to my children, my friends, and especially a grandson who needs to know about you if he doesn’t already. Years ago I wrote “Tales of Spirit Mountain,” about early Duluth-Superior area. I’m not proud of the book necessarily but the research did lead me into some Ojibwe history. There is too much hidden and unrealized. Living on fixed income, I get my books from the library, but I’m going to order my own copy of “The Girl Who Sang…” I will read it again. I love the way you illustrate the Dakota thinking to the reader. Example: “Our world starts out there and comes back to here…” Wonderful. Thank you, Kent. Sincerely, Anne Crooks

  2. Tony Falace says:

    Have read “The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo” and “Neither Wolf nor Dog” spiritual.enlightening and very emotional. Plan on reading all your books. Tony Falace

  3. Andrey Rodrigues says:

    Dear Mr. Nerburn.
    I just wanted to leave a little note and say how much I appreciate to have found your website and your work… Just this morning! I know I will enjoy reading your books and articles as I grow old. Thank you! -andrey/botucatu-SP/Brazil

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