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Early peek at my new book, Dancing with the Gods: Reflections on Life and Art

My new book, Dancing with the Gods:  Reflections on Life and Art, will be released by the British publisher, Canongate, in a few weeks.  It had its genesis in my unlikely meeting with Robert Plant several years ago, and grew out of my belief that there comes a time when you have to share what it is you have learned on life’s  journey. Wolf nor Dog will have a special promotion of this book when it becomes available.  In the […]

Homage to a winter storm in the North Country

I see that my old home country of northern Minnesota is under another blizzard and winter storm warning.  Those of you from the north know what this means.  Those of you who have never experienced a blizzard on the plains or prairies have little sense of how unique and haunting such an experience can be.  In honor of this storm, I’ve decided to post a piece from my new book, Native Echoes.  It is about a drive into high prairie […]