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Good people, dead kids, and guns

We are better than this. We are better than a war between dead children and the constitution. We are better than our rage. We are better than our mutual recriminations. You know me. I know you. We meet on the street, in our stores. We exchange pleasantries. We enjoy each other. We like each other. We are Americans, the people foreign visitors say are so warm and friendly. We open our doors to others and stop on the streets to […]

In honor of my friends now in grip of a deep northern winter

I always liked the way I had described my experience driving in a winter storm in northern  North Dakota in The Wolf at Twilight.  For those who know, and for those of you who are curious, here is the chapter entitled A Glow in the Distance.  I hope it will encourage some of you who have not yet read the book to pick it up.  Winter is a central element, but its real purpose is to reveal the reality of […]