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What’s cooking…

Next post I’ll tell you about some interesting developments in my writing life. But, for now, this hard winter has gotten me thinking, and I want to get those thoughts off my chest. This winter has been a tough go, no matter where you live. I have found the harshness and extremes more than a little disconcerting, and nothing I read, see, or feel in my bones makes me think that this is simply a rough patch in the cycles […]

The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo is a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award

My latest literary child, The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo, has been chosen as a finalist for the 2014 Minnesota Book Award in the category of Memoir and Creative non-fiction. This is always an honor, because it means your home folks appreciate your work. I’m really warming to this book. As with every book, when it first came out I had no idea if it had the capacity to speak to readers. But something about this book is receiving […]