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An interview about “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo” that I had completely forgotten

I came across this interview the other day and thought, “Damn, I like this. I was pretty much on my game that day.” So I thought I would share it. Perhaps it will lead some of you who only know “Neither Wolf nor Dog” to its sibling, “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo.” The two are of a piece (along with the third sibling, “The Wolf at Twilight”). But “The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo” is unique in […]

Robert Plant, Rick Rubin, and other Upcoming and Recent Events

Folks often express frustration that I don’t publicize my appearances and readings more. It’s just not in my nature or temperament to do much promotion. It’s simply not a part of the literary life that appeals to me, so I let it fall to the side. But whenever I get out among my readers I absolutely love it and feel so fortunate to have created works that touch people. So I owe it to you who have been good to […]