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Basketball, elders, young people, and guns

I am currently in Juneau, Alaska, watching four days of intense basketball competition between teams from small, isolated communities in the Alaskan panhandle.  This event, known locally as the Gold Medal tournament has been happening annually since 1946, the year I was born.  My friends, who are Tlingit and Athabascan, say that to them this is as big as the Superbowl and is a surrogate for what was once more deadly competition between communities.  Many things strike me here — […]

A deeply thoughtful assessment of Native Echoes: Listening to the Spirit of the Land

David Crumm, the long time editor of Read the Spirit and one of America’s most respected observers of American Religion has just published a wonderful piece on my quiet, poetic literary child, Native Echoes:  Listening to the Spirit of the Land. If you want to know why I care so deeply about this book, David’s words will help you understand. And if you’d like to purchase a copy, which I hope you do, you can buy autographed copies from  […]