Monthly Archives: February 2018

Supporting Mrs. Brown in her new role as a shooter/teacher

Dear Mrs. Brown, I’m pleased to see that Mr. Trump and the NRA have finally decided to take the long overdue step of having you carry heat in your classroom. As a grandparent of one of your students, I think this is a great idea, and I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my support and to make a few suggestions. I realize that you are a young teacher. Maybe your early thirties, I might guess. That means your […]

Thoughts about Voices in the Stones?

I just received a request from woman in a community that is using Voices in the Stones as its community reads selection.  She asked if I had any readers’ guide or questions they could use for discussion.  I decided that I would put that to you readers.  You know better than I what is significant for readers in that book.  So, please send me your thoughts: What are good subjects or questions for discussion groups who are reading Voices in […]