Monthly Archives: December 2016

A delightful surprise: a blog in my inbox that has an image of one of my sculptures

Periodically, one of you readers will ask about my previous life as a sculptor.  Since I stopped sculpting in the late 80’s, long before cell phones and even digital cameras were invented, and since I had neither the finances nor the inclination to document my work (believing, as I did, that, like the guild craftsmen of the Middle Ages, I was working for the glory of God and not the recognition of Self), I have almost no photos of my […]

Voices in the Stones — my new book and a thoughtful review from a good man

David Crumm, who quietly serves as one of the true allies of people laboring in the fields of spiritual and religious endeavors, has written a cogent and timely review of my new book, Voices in the Stones. Should you wish to order it, you can go to for an autographed copy, or you can buy it from any of the usual suspects. But, first, read the review and see what you