Month: October 2016

Why your responses sometimes are not getting through

You would not believe the garbage that gets dumped into the “comments” section of a blog.

There are messages in Russian and Chinese that run to several thousand words, tons of posts trying to get me to buy NFL jerseys or Michael Jordan shoes, gobbledygook that puts key words into unintelligible phrases for reasons I can’t understand, and streams of generic computer-generated comments claiming to love the post but actually having no reference to the post while trying to get me to click on and approve them for some arcane cyber hustling purpose.

This is all above my pay grade and even farther above my interest level. I just wish they’d go away.

But they don’t.

So, rather than weed them out one by one, I periodically have my webmaster install spam blockers. But these too often block legitimate messages from you readers. This is what has been happening lately. My apologies. We have taken off the spam blockers, so you can comment again without fear of being blocked. I never edit or refuse legitimate comments, no matter what the point of view. You will once again be able to see your responses posted unless you are in fact selling nylon stockings from Singapore or wishing to share pictures of yourself from Irkutsk.

Thanks for staying with me. I appreciate you all.

Would you support a kickstarter to republish A Haunting Reverence?

I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter to republish one of my favorite books, A Haunting Reverence.  It would be retitled Echoes of Forgotten Voices.

This was “my quiet child” — my most poetic book, and probably my deepest.  It was a metaphoric look, through story and reflection, at the way the land influences our hearts and character. It was, and remains, the key book in my search for an authentic American spirituality that embraces our western spiritual traditions and the ways of Native America.

When it was published, it was a book before its time. Too quiet, too reflective, too meditative, and nobody knew who I was. I’m thinking that its time now has come.

I’m just taking the temperature of the water here. If I self published it through a kickstarter, would you be willing to participate? If I get a positive response, I’ll post a little more about the project and begin the process of getting you all involved.