Monthly Archives: July 2016

Some personal thoughts on the passing of Dave Bald Eagle

There are people you meet in life — and they are not many — who have an air of true moral authority about them. This is something different from kindness, compassion, intelligence, or any other positive virtue. It is an aura, a presence, that allows them to command a room without speaking a word; it makes you feel that they have an understanding of the world that is both deeper and larger than yours. It is not that they have […]

Audio of Letters to My Son — a wonderful moment

Now here’s one of the true joys of the writing life, and one of my proudest quiet moments. The audio of Letters to My Son, read by my son Nik, for whom the book was written, is now available. Who would have thought, as I struggled to write that most honest book as I held my toddler son in my arms, that twenty years later he would record it for the world? Take a listen to the sample on […]