Monthly Archives: June 2016

At long last, the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog

Not much to say here, except to reprint my facebook post: The film of Neither Wolf nor Dog premiered to wonderful acclaim at the Edinburgh Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here is a reviewer’s response to the showing: Enjoy.  I certainly am.  Maybe a distributor will pick up the film here in the States.  We shall see.

Vote tally and a little Primer on Titles.

Well, folks, here it is:  45 votes for “Echoes of Forgotten Voices” and 75 votes for “Whispers of Forgotten Voices.”  That’s a pretty clear statement.  Personally, I leaned a little more toward “Echoes” and, at heart, I loved the original, “A Haunting Reverence.”  But this is vox populi. If you read the comments, there were cogent arguments in all directions.  As an author, I was whipsawed in all directions, and still am. But, here’s the truth:  Titles do matter, and […]