Monthly Archives: April 2016

Long Overdue posting of Inmate responses to my letter to them

Back in February I posted a letter I wrote to the inmates of a South Dakota women’s prison who were reading Neither Wolf nor Dog.  I wrote with a presumption and an intimacy that was perhaps unwarranted because it presumed to be able to speak to the minds and hearts of some people whose experience I could never hope to fully understand.  Still, it seemed worthwhile to step forward and say what was on my mind. When I shared the […]

An important but hidden story that needs to be heard

Amid all the political news filling the airwaves and print pages, a tragic and little known story has been unfolding in northern Canada. In a small Native town far outside of our cultural consciousness, over 100 people out of a population of 2000 have attempted suicide in the last few months. The oldest was 71, the youngest, 11. You can read about it here, as well as elsewhere: As you know, I’ve spent the better part of the last […]