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NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG FILM, Entry Two — “Playing Kent”: The Challenge for Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney is the actor who plays me in the film version of Neither Wolf nor Dog. He had perhaps the most difficult acting task of anyone involved in the project. First, he had the very real presence of me as the author to respond to and exorcize as he developed his character. Second, he had no cultural identity to fall back on. All the other actors had their Indian identities to draw from; Chris had only the vaguely drawn […]

NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG FILM — From book to movie, a long, strange trip. Entry One: the author and the filmmaker

A filmmaker has a difficult job when converting a book to a film. He or she was drawn to the book for a specific reason.  Perhaps it was the story, perhaps it was the characters; perhaps it was the descriptions of scenes and settings that made it come alive visually in his or her imagination.  Most likely it was a little bit of each.  But, somehow, the decision was made that “I think this would make a really good film.  […]