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A few thoughts on the cast and characters of the film version of Neither Wolf nor Dog

For those of you who love the book Neither Wolf nor Dog and wonder how the film will compare, I have a few observations, starting with the caveat that I have no idea how the finished product will look or feel or play.  What I do know from my few days on location is that the three primary actors bring some fascinating dimensions to the characters. Chris Sweeney, the man who plays me, has a sharp edge to him that […]

A film update, a good public event, and a PBS profile

FILM UPDATE Unfortunately, there is little to report on the subject of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog, as I know as little about it as you do.  Like a child that has left home, it calls in occasionally with sketchy updates, but mostly is involved of a life of its own.  And, like a parent, I have to let it go, hoping that it is making wise life decisions and will find a way to do some good […]