Monthly Archives: September 2014

A wretched but necessary excess

I hate to do this, but circumstances leave me no choice: I need to talk about Christmas and holiday gifts. I no longer live in Minnesota where my sisters conduct the sales of my books and personalized gifts. But I will be back there for some speaking engagements in the first part of October. So, if any of you want books personalized for the holiday season (or for any other reason), you should contact before the 1st of October […]

“The rest of the story” — How the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog came to be

And so it is that we move to the conclusion of our story, which is really just a beginning. I had forgotten that before Steven and I parted ways that morning on Pine Ridge, we met for coffee (tea, in his case) in Big Bat’s, the convenience store/restaurant that is the main gathering place in the town.  We compared notes about our experiences in Indian country, and he told me one thing that stayed with me.  If an actor didn’t […]