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How the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog came to be — part one

It began almost 20 years ago when a Hollywood director had his assistant call me from a film location in South Dakota to find out if film rights to Neither Wolf nor Dog were available. I knew about as much about such things as you would if someone called you out of the blue and asked if the film rights to one of your high school papers were available. In short, I had no idea what that even meant. Well, […]

The film of Neither Wolf nor Dog needs you

I am not much for begging, and that is how this seems. But you must know that this is the moment that the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog can be made, and this moment will not come again. Why? Because there is something intangible in the spirit of a Native elder, raised in the old ways with the old language, that cannot be faked, manufactured, created, or approximated. It is something that has to do with a fundamental and […]