Monthly Archives: May 2014

TIme to kill the Redskins

You can feel it crumbling.  The support is gone.  But money fights to the end. I have been mystified and bothered for years by our cultural hypersensitivity to all racial and gender slurs with the glaring exception of the way we speak of Native America.  The “Redskins”, indeed! But you can feel the beast flailing.  It is roaring and raging and tearing up the earth.  But it is dying.  I hope you will play your part and help me play […]

Looking out the window…

As most of you know, I spend a lot of time watching. It is my stock and trade as a writer: quiet, anonymous observation that I then try to put into a broader context. While trying to enforce some semblance of order on my computer desktop, I happened upon this little snippet from a train journey a few months ago. I’m posting it because I like it and as a reminder to remain vigilant and active as our criminally ignored […]