Monthly Archives: March 2014

“A good thing to do”

I’m not sure how — perhaps from my dad, perhaps from some time in European cities where it was a standard social act — I somehow picked up the habit of shaking hands with someone at the end of an encounter. I like it; it seems natural; and it literally gives a human touch to interactions that are often otherwise impersonal transactions. This came to my mind yesterday when a storekeeper took my hand with a look of surprise when […]

After The Girl Who Sang With The Buffalo: writing, the next steps

I said in my last post that I’d write something about what is going on in my writing life. For me, there is a natural inhalation and exhalation in the act of creating that must be honored. Each artist deals with this differently. Some live in short breaths, keeping multiple projects going at the same time. Others, like me, have a natural creative arc that invests deeply in one project, brings it to fruition, then needs a time of regathering […]