Monthly Archives: March 2014

Some random thoughts on this new Pope

I was recently going back through my book on the prayer of St. Francis, “Make me an Instrument of your Peace.”  I was pleased at what I read.  I did well in that work, calling forth my better angels in service of a kinder vision of life than I often practice in my daily affairs.  And, in the course of rereading, it got me thinking about this new pope who has taken Francis’ name. I like this new man, and […]

Fire and Ice

My wife and I are currently spending a month in Portland (Oregon, not Maine, though I would love to be in Portland, Me, as well). There is an easy grace here, most noticeable in contrast to the almost hysterical frustration that is gripping  people during this deep and interminable winter in America’s northern and eastern climes.  The shoulders come down, the face muscles relax, the hair-trigger anger that comes to the fore when you step out into snow-laced ice and […]