Month: October 2013

Dan and Grover talk about Indian Mascots

Just as my new book, The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo, is being released, an old issue that Dan and Grover discussed in The Wolf at Twilight is drawing national attention: the issue of Indian mascots. I’m making the chapter where this discussion takes place available on my website. Let’s work together to get this chapter sent to as many people as we can, especially into the hands of opinion and decision makers. I think we have a moment in time when this issue might finally get the consideration it deserves. I think Dan and Grover frame it eloquently. Together, we can help their words be heard. Read Indians and Cavemen here .

The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo

My new book, The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo, is available now. For a limited time, autographed copies are available for $15.95 at It is the third in the trilogy that began with Neither Wolf nor Dog and continued with The Wolf at Twilight. A writer never knows what he or she has until readers begin to respond, and the advance readers who have seen The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo have been uniformly positive in their response. The only review that is out there thus far was posted on GoodReads: I encourage you to give it a glance; I think it will give you a feel for the book. We will be offering some special deals through in the near future. I will also be posting my speaking and reading schedule for The Girl who Sang to the Buffaloon this website.

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