Monthly Archives: October 2009

An Interview about The Wolf at Twilight. Read it, use it, pass it on.

Dear Readers, Here is an interview that I recently did on The Wolf at Twilight.  I think it will give you an insight into the book that is well worth having.  We have permission to use this interview in any way we like.  So I offer it up to any of you who wish to use it, publish it, excerpt it, or pass it on.  I encourage you to do so, not only because I would like the book to […]

First Review — The Wolf at Twilight and an abbreviated rant on Obama’s unfathomable behavior

I’m resisting writing a blog about Obama as health care’s Neville Chamberlain (”We have health care in our time”), primarily because I can’t believe a man so smart can be so naive as to let this one great chance at health care reform in America slip through his grasp. I have half-baked theories about his bi-racialism fostering an innate sense of compromise, and larger conspiratorial fears, fostered by my more wing-nut friends, about greater forces than we know forcing decisions […]