Monthly Archives: June 2008

Swiftboating our candidates

At long last we know who the candidates are going to be. I, personally, hope that Obama chooses Hillary as his running mate despite the issues of electoral value and the unpredictability of Bill. As to John McCain, I am indifferent to his choice so long as the end result is a loss for the Republicans. This is not to say that I don’t respect John McCain. He has earned our respect by what he did for the country, even […]

An interesting exchange — give me your thoughts

I received this email from a man whose path crossed mine several years ago. He is an exceptional human being involved in exceptional work: several years ago he took off went to Gambia to do some doctoring for no reason other than it was a way to serve. His blogs and stories were the stuff of a modern day Schweitzer, though he would likely deny the similarity. Anyway, he sent me a response of one of his friends to my […]