Monthly Archives: December 2007

Student responses to Neither Wolf nor Dog

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful selection of student responses to Neither Wolf nor Dog from Bill Davis, a teacher of philosophy and East Asian Studies at Blue Valley North High School in Stillwell, Oklahoma. The very fact that they have those courses speaks to the quality of education available to the students, and their papers on Neither Wolf nor Dog confirmed that quality. I can’t always carve out writing time to offer a worthy response to the […]

A Rare and Unusual Holiday Offer

Most of you know Neither Wolf nor Dog, my “literary child” that has drawn the most attention of any of my books over the years. Few of you know To Walk the Red Road, the collection of Red Lake tribal members’ memories that set in motion the events that resulted in the writing of Neither Wolf nor Dog. This is because To Walk the Red Road was done as a reservation project and was published only locally, and in very […]