Monthly Archives: October 2007

Returning to America –further thoughts

I have just received several emails from readers saying that their experience in coming into the United States was far different and far more friendly and accommodating than the one that passengers on my plane encountered. They suggest that maybe our entry was an aberration or specific to that particular airport. I truly hope so. I want to believe that the excitement that travelers from other countries feel as they enter into the United States is supported and reinforced by […]

This land is your land? Re-entering America.

Here is the embarrassment: I get off the plane in Amsterdam and see a sign asking me to choose door A or B depending on whether or not I have anything to declare. I do not, so I choose the “nothing to declare” door. I walk right out into the street where I am part of everyone else and no longer sequestered behind an imaginary boundary that separates the fliers from the non-fliers. I can just get in a car […]