Monthly Archives: September 2007

More on Amsterdam.

This is in the “comments” section of the last post. I want to make sure all of you see it. It is from Leo van Kints, who is in charge of the Amsterdam event: Dear readers of Kent’s blogs. I would like to give some more information on Kent’s visit to the ‘Low Countries’. My name is Leo van Kints and I am Director of the Netherlands Association for North American Indians, NANAI. This organisation was founded in 1972 by […]

Amsterdam and Reykjavik

I seldom post information about my speaking engagements, etc. I probably should, and those of you who would like to keep up on them would probably be better served by visiting where there is constantly updated material in the “What’s New” section. But there is a fascinating venture (and “adventure”) coming up soon that I feel I should mention. I’ve been invited to Amsterdam to give a talk during the 35th annual meeting of the Netherlands Association for North […]