Monthly Archives: August 2007

Wolf nor Dog film

Just a quick informational note here for those of you who have asked: Progress is finally being made on the filming of Neither Wolf nor Dog. I wrote the screenplay a number of years ago under the able tutelage of director, John Irvin (Turtle Diary, Widow’s Peak, A Month by the Lake, etc.), but nothing came of the project at that time. Now the project is finally getting off the ground. My screenplay will be used, though I am sure […]

Dakota journey

Fifteen years ago I made a conscious decision to take a trip each year with my son, Nik. He was only three at the time. My reasoning was simple: if we made this an annual ritual, we would continue it when we reached the point where our life paths and outlooks diverged. I was right. But there was more. And I see it each time we go out together on one of our “little trips.” I mention this because he […]