Monthly Archives: May 2007

Some more thoughts on our Nation

I received a hearfelt note today from a man writing in response to my recent posting about Bush. This man, who lost a friend in the 9/11 bombings, was bothered by the tendency of many people, me included, to downplay the threat to our lives by the incursions of people who want do damage us and our country. This is more real for him than it is for most of us — he lost a good, kind, apolitical friend in […]

The Crime that is George Bush’s Presidency

I’ve been watching George Bush as he destroys my country. It has not been easy to do. Any of you who have read this blog for years now know that, except for a moment’s hope that he would serve rather than reign after his spanking in the mid-term elections, I have consistently cried out in a Jeremiah-like fashion against this man and his minions. And though it is not a very pleasant way to reemerge from my blogging silence, I […]