Monthly Archives: March 2007

Slogging and blogging, and a vote for Robert Redford over Britney Spears

It has been good to hear from some of you about the wisdom of continued blogging. I was asking the question as a general issue — there is a proliferation of white noise in the blogosphere, and I was wondering if others were questioning where this all is heading — but folks quite rightly saw it as a bit of self-doubt on my part as to whether or not this is something that I, personally, want to continue to do. […]

moral outrage and peripatetic dogs

Here’s an issue for you, and I mean it seriously. You obviously need not respond, but it bears some reflection: I can write about the criminality of car companies avoiding responsibility for near fatal crashes, and I hear almost nothing. I can write about a war that is maiming young children and leaving them homeless, and I hear nary a peep. But write about a dog that runs free and the floodgates open. Why is this? Are we touched only […]