Monthly Archives: November 2006

Listening for a Voice

I have not heard one word come out of the Democrats’ mouths about helping to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Pointing to Bush’s failures is fine; he brought this upon himself by stifling dissent and operating as if his election gave him a divine mandate. But you cannot create a new vision for the country simply by applying correctives. This is a moment of challenge to the Democrats. Far too often they fall into the trap of responding […]

A question on meditation

Today I received an interesting question from a reader. He asked, “I’m curious as to whether you practice any kind of formal or informal meditation?” His question got me to thinking, because I don’t practice any formal system of meditation. But meditation and reflection are essential to my life. If I do not give myself over to them, I quickly lose my emotional and spiritual balance. I thought I’d share my answer to him with the rest of you. Hi […]