Monthly Archives: November 2006

Thoughts on Giving

For me, the holiday season is an opportunity to find the good place in my heart. I try to offer the kind word rather than the harsh one, the caring thought rather than the critical one. It is a chance for me to seek out and act from my best self — to walk the “red road” rather than the “black road,” as the Native Americans say. So I am going to use this season to offer you thoughts from […]

The Season of Family

We are now into the holiday season — a joyful time for many, a difficult time for others. This is the time when we are reminded that family matters most. If you have family with whom to share the season, you are truly blessed. If your life has taken you on a path where you have lost touch with family, the echo of emptiness rings loud and hollow in your life. I am among the blessed. My holidays have only […]