Monthly Archives: September 2006

New Orleans and Nuremberg

Several years ago I was in Nuremberg, Germany — the city most Americans know as the site of the Nuremberg trials. And it is that. But it is something more. It is a city that was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing, then rebuilt, brick by brick, after the war, from photographs, civic documents, and every visual and documentary source possible. While the old character and feel of the city was kept in the rebuilding, its aging infrastructure and utilities […]

Autumn reverie

Bittersweet peace. That, for me, is what autumn always brings. Winter begins to whisper in the distant corners of the mind, but the magical stillness and rich indolence of these sun-blessed days overwhelm those whispers with their peace. The lake outside our home turns to glass; the placid waters magnify the brilliance of the sunsets. Of all the seasons, this is the one I would not give up. This has been a good summer. My son, Nik, has been home […]