Month: August 2006

New book: The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life

hiddenbeautylrg.jpgMy most recent book, The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life, has had a quiet birth. It came closely on the heels of Chief Joseph and has been somewhat lost in the thunder of such a large and tumultuous undertaking. With this blog entry, I’m hoping to begin the process of moving this quiet new creation from the status of newborn to literary toddler.

Hidden Beauty is, indeed, the third in the trilogy that began with Simple Truths and progressed through Small Graces. Hidden Beauty picks up where Small Graces left off and moves us into mystery and beauty of the wider world. Small Graces was a close examination of an ordinary day; Hidden Beauty looks with the same eye at the larger world in which we live.

What I’d like you to do if you are one of those who likes my homiletic books is to consider this review by the wonderful servants of the spirit, Frederic and Mary Ann Brusat, who can always be trusted to find the spiritual implications in any book, film, or event that they discuss. They serve the web community in a way that few others do.

I am most honored whenever they look at any of my works, and I am especially honored when they see merit in what I write. Read their review, and if what they say piques your interest, seek out this quiet little book and consider it for yourself. I hope you find that it is a worthy companion to Simple Truths and Small Graces.

A few shots of South Dakota

Badlands_Panorama_by_heatiscool.jpgI know I’ve been on a summer hiatus, and I thank you all for coming back periodically. I thought, in lieu of writing something new, I’d take the lazy summertime route of offering you a photo that my son, Nik, took while we were on our journey to the Badlands and Pine Ridge. There are stories aplenty — mostly good — and I hope to share a few with you in the coming weeks. But for now I hope this photo gives you a flavor of the beauty of this magical land that too few people take the time to visit.

And, by the way, for those of you who have read Neither Wolf nor Dog, this is the territory I spoke of in the course of the narrative.