Monthly Archives: August 2006

New book: The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life

My most recent book, The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life, has had a quiet birth. It came closely on the heels of Chief Joseph and has been somewhat lost in the thunder of such a large and tumultuous undertaking. With this blog entry, I’m hoping to begin the process of moving this quiet new creation from the status of newborn to literary toddler. Hidden Beauty is, indeed, the third in the trilogy that began with Simple Truths and progressed through […]

A few shots of South Dakota

I know I’ve been on a summer hiatus, and I thank you all for coming back periodically. I thought, in lieu of writing something new, I’d take the lazy summertime route of offering you a photo that my son, Nik, took while we were on our journey to the Badlands and Pine Ridge. There are stories aplenty — mostly good — and I hope to share a few with you in the coming weeks. But for now I hope this […]