Monthly Archives: August 2006

CD of Small Graces coming soon

I have just finished the recording of the CD of Small Graces, and I am excited. I had the wonderful good fortune to have a friend and colleague, Dr. Patrick Riley, compose and perform cello interludes between sections. Pat is a man of immense talent with a background that includes playing with the Baltimore Symphony. His quiet, thoughtful cello meditations add a reflective ambience to a book that already has a serene and thoughtful tone. Actually, I was quite surprised […]

Meditation on Katrina a year later

As the anniversary of hurricane Katrina’s devastation passes over us, the pain and horror of the event returns. For most of us, it had receded into the background, muted to the point of non-existence by the pressures and concerns of daily life. But the images of the Gulf Coast a year later remind us that the horror has only receded from memory. For those in the Gulf Coast it is alive and present, like the echo of a scream. We […]