Monthly Archives: December 2005

Some thoughts on the Season

As Christmas approaches, a standard subject of conversation among friends I meet on the street is what we are each doing for the holidays. Far too often I hear people I care for deeply saying something to the effect that they are not going to see their families because they don’t get along with a brother or sister or some other relative. This saddens me, because it seems such a false righteousness. For most of us, the commercial bludgeoning combined […]

On being a Step Parent

I recently received a note from a friend of mine who is embarking on the difficult journey of stepparenthood. I knew her when she was just a girl — she was the close friend of a girl to whom I was a stepparent at the time. I was younger in those days, and I don’t think I did the job very well. I couldn’t figure out the dynamic and, having come from a traditional family setting, couldn’t enter into the […]