Monthly Archives: September 2005

Politics and a life of the spirit

Not long ago, when I first made a comment about the Katrina disaster, I received an email from a reader who said,”I am emotionally moved by your writings,” and then went on to make some very kind comments about how I stated “the profoundest truths in the simplest ways.” These were, of course, welcome sentiments — the sort all writers love to hear. But then he finished his email with, “Stay out of politics. I love you.” An odd sentiment, […]

Watch carefully, listen closely

There are two phrases, in rampant use in American society, that speak of lack of character and moral conviction. 1.) “Mistakes have been made.” 2.) “I just want to put it behind me and get on with my life.” The first is a favorite of politicians; the second, of pro athletes. The moral flaws of each are obvious. “Mistakes have been made” makes mistakes into the noun. No one made them, they simply happened. A person of character and conviction […]