Monthly Archives: September 2005

A Tale of Two Museums — The Holocaust Museum and the Museum of the American Indian

Many thoughts rise to the surface after a trip to D.C. But from them all, I’m going to pick only one: the experience of going to the new Museum of the American Indian and then to the Holocaust Museum. Let me start with the Holocaust Museum. It is a brilliant, chilling, unrelenting narrative of the crimes of the German people during World War Two. I choose my words carefully when I say “German people” rather than “Nazi regime,” for this […]

Title of the New Book

Thanks, everybody, for writing in with your thoughts on the title of the new book. Here is the general drift of what I’ve been receiving: By and large, more people prefer Sacred Moments than prefer Illuminations. Those who don’t like Sacred Moments are about evenly divided by those who think it is too precious — sounding like a line of figurines — and those who think it smacks too much of traditional religion. Those who don’t like Illuminations see it […]