Monthly Archives: August 2005

A Hard Comment

Katrina is a tragedy of unimagined scale here in the United States, and it has galvanized us as a people. But as I watch the t.v. coverage of the devastation, I cannot help but thinking that what nature has done to New Orleans and our gulf coast is exactly what our president and his policies have done to Baghdad and Iraq. And we wonder why the Iraqi people are not welcoming us with open arms.

Start of a Fall Resurgence?

Could this be an indication of my recovery from blog fatigue? Let’s hope so. I want to get back in touch with you readers, and I feel I’ve let you down a bit with my relative disappearance from cyberspace. Here’s some update: Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce should be going to print as we speak. I’ve seen a number of preliminary designs and review copies, but they aren’t the final form. It should be a handsome […]